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MARC Head Start has two governance bodies that work together to make recommendations to MARC's Board of Directors. Since March of 2020, these two bodies have convened together virtually in order to support program operations. It is anticipated that this co-governance will continue until it is safe for our community to meet again face-to-face.

Head Start Advisory Committee

In March 2012, the MARC board voted to establish the Head Start Advisory Committee. While the MARC board maintains legal and fiscal responsibility for MARC Head Start, this committee oversees operations and submits monthly reports to the MARC Board.The Head Start Advisory Committee oversees responsibilities related to program governance and program improvement. Upon the recommendation of the advisory committee, the MARC board approves financial management, accounting and reporting policies to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.


Chair: Susan Knittle
Head Start Program Director: Steven Lewis, 816-701-8348

Policy Council

The MARC Head Start Policy Council consists of parents elected by each direct service provider and recommended community members. Policy Council members provide input on important decisions, represent the interests of families and the community, and approve financial expenditures and program plans. Members are trained in Head Start governance responsibilities, as well as fiscal and program policies and standards.


Chair: Christopher Thornton
Head Start Program Director: Steven Lewis, 816-701-8348

Meeting Packets

Policy Council Subcommittees

MARC Head Start uses a subcommittee structure to engage Policy Council members in reviewing, planning, and presenting to the larger policy council on action items that are submitted for approval. This enhances shared decision making and offers Policy Council members an opportunity for leadership and professional growth. The subcommittees are comprised of Policy Council representatives, Policy Council alternates, community members and representatives from the MARC Head Start Advisory Committee.

Planning Subcommittee

The Planning Subcommittee is responsible for reviewing program recruitment, selection and enrollment priorities, annual self-assessment, child outcomes, family outcomes, community needs assessment, strategic planning and program information report (PIR).

Finance Subcommittee

The Finance Subcommittee is responsible for reviewing funding applications, budgeting priorities and budget amendments.

By-Laws Subcommittee

The By-Laws Subcommittee reviews by-laws for the Policy Council and updates to MARC Head Start policies and procedures.

Ad Hoc Subcommittee

The Ad Hoc Subcommittee will come together as needed to support efforts outside of the above subcommittees. One function of the Ad Hoc Subcommittee will be to participate in MARC Head Start personnel interviews.

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